Post nº58: Burn To Ashes, Reborn Into Fire.

Finaly, vacations. I think I failed a subject again, which will make me lose another year in college, but it’s ok, for the next weeks…

Anyway, been doing some sketches, but been to lazy to scan or take decent pictures of them. They’re not really sofisticated, anyway.

Well, maybe I could do something about the phoenix, though…

Done in a notebook in like… seconds. Was listening to Amy Winehouse’s version of “It’s my party”, so a piece of the lyrics are there…

I drew one much like this in the wall of a night club (with help of a girl I met there). The picture is blurry… It looks better on the paper.


Numberless Post: The Burden of Dreams

I had a dream.

It was born small, weak and fragile. People said it would never be real. It would die.

I refused to believe that. Did my best to protect it, to nourish it, to grow it, and it seemed vain, pointless…

But it grew. It survived, became beautiful. Developed astonishing wings. Learnt to fly.

And flew away. Away from me.

Never looked back.

My dream left me alone in the void.

All I just wanted was to have a dream.

Post nº57: Dance In The Darkness

Dancing in the rain

In the night, in the rain

Of the blood spilling from my brains

Of the love slicing all my veins

Dancing in the rain

In the dark, in the rain

Of the tears of all the saints

Of all the sins that in my soul taints

Dancing in the rain

In the void, in the rain

Pour the water, wash my pain

In the night, in the rain

Post nº56: I Wish I Was a Cat…

Simple like that. I have a cat, her name is Nina. She’s just the most cherished of my pets (I also happen to have 2 dogs). Basicaly, all she does is sleep. And then she eats and take a nap. Then she goes out for a stroll and back to rest a little. This post is kind of pointless, so here goes a picture of her:

Here is she, as cute as ever, doing what she does best: sleeping in my bed. She’s got blue eyes.

Post nº55: Kusudamas

I just can’t believe I haven’t yet posted a picture of the kusudamas I made. I don’t know if I already wrote about then, and didn’t look up, because I don’t really like to read old posts (I get the urge to delete most of then, did it once, so I don’t read anymore).

Kusudama means literally “medicine ball”. I was told they suck the bad energy, so you should burn then after some time. I think they’re pretty, and I love origami. It’s very theurapeutical. I done 1000 tsurus once. I just love it, it’s relaxing.

I haven’t made many models yet, there are some really cool ones I wanna learn. Maybe I’ll post then here once I’ve done then. Well, these are the models I’ve done so far:

I don’t know the name of these models, but I think they’re kinda common.

They use up a lot of paper, the 2 big ones have 30 pieces. I ran out of origami paper, and I heard the store in wich I bought these closed, so until I find a place that sells it I won’t be doing anymore. Maybe I’ll buy in the internet some.

Post nº53: Slacker Blogger

When I started this blog, I was kind of sure I would find it easy to write something whenever I wanted. Well, now I see that’s not that simple.

I think I’ve become a slacker blogger. I didn’t even worry about it when I started, but now for some reason it matters to me. Not how many likes or new followers or comments I get, but the frequence of my posts. Suddenly the blog is like a child I’ve started neglecting. And it’s not like nothing has been happening lately, I just have no idea of what to write.

It’s been quite tough lately, with my friends fighting, the college getting dull and without my therapy (it’s been more than a month since my last session). It’s gonna start again next week, but I surely missed it.

In some ways, I think this month was productive: I managed to get through a lot of things without freaking out, like my ex, who I kind of still like, fucking a guy I started flirting with, twice.And yeah, that’s after he said we had become “good friends”. And even though I realy feel like dropping college, I didn’t.

Still, I can’t say it didn’t have it’s problems: my performance dropped a lot in the college, and I couldn’t create anything interesting, like a text or a painting. It may sound silly, but the art is really important to me, it’s my best therapy.

I’m doing my efforts to try and get back into blogging, since it has become something so meaningful to me. I hope I can get back with some interesting stuff next post.

And thanks for anyone who reads this, don’t get me wrong with what I say: it’s not that you’re not important, whenever I see that someone liked my posts I love it, but it’s just… well, the truth. Getting many views never was my goal, so… I won’t lie about it.